Blown Cellulose Insulation – Waterford, Oakland County, Michigan 48329

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Blown Cellulose Insulation – Waterford, Oakland County, Michigan 48329

Blown Cellulose Insulation – Waterford, Oakland County, Michigan 48329

Why Use Blown In Cellulose Insulation for your Waterford Home?

Although fiberglass batt was previously the insulation of choice, blown in cellulose has increased in popularity and value throughout the last ten years. Blown in is more costly than your fiberglass batt insulation, still the advantages of blown in cellulose far outweigh the prices. Because of this numerous insulation builders are offering blown in insulation as a solution. What are the key benefits of blown in cellulose?

Stop Gaps

Preventing voids and gaps may be the biggest reason why blown in cellulose is a preferred selection for the owner builder. Installing blown in cellulose lets the insulation to completely pack a wall cavity and cover all cables, wires pipes, and cables. This provides an insulation envelope for the building. A well insulated structure helps prevent cold air all through the wintertime, plus reduces overall noise. This is an important component to the functionality of your home.

Simple to Install

Since installing blown in cellulose is pretty easy, this decreases the chances of the project being done incorrectly. Installers become adept quickly. One installer might use the hose, sealing the cavities as the next follows with shears, cutting any additional substance along side of the studs. Finally, the installation crew will bring any leftover substance to their vehicle for the next job.

Cellulose Insulation for Interior and Sound Walls

Most of the time interior sound walls aren’t considered crucial to a home’s efficiency, so normally, fiberglass is used instead of using the blown cellulose material. It’s really an owner contractor’s choice. I would suggest that if a owner contractor is making climate zones, they are greater off using cellulose and in all cases, cellulose does function better than fiberglass batt installation.

Blown in Cellulose is a Green Product

Blown in cellulose is made up of thoroughly recycled materials. These materials such as books, bags and newspapers are handled with a fire-retardent substance. For the majority of owner contractors, it’s crucial to use green products. If using environmentally friendly products is critical to you, consider using blown in cellulose for this reason also.

Decrease Airflow within Walls

Whenever foam sealing is used properly, blown in cellulose can considerably minimize the airflow within the walls of a home. Walls that are insulated with blown in cellulose will have no gaps which means no room for any air to circulate easily. Since fires require air, blown in is known as a fire prevention. A closed cavity without any airflow will in most cases smother a house fire. On the other hand, utilizing fiberglass batt insulation, could allow gaps in the wall, raising airflow.

Cellulose is Treated with a Fire Retardant

Blown in cellulose usually has had borate applied to it. Borate is a fire retardant which provides a bug repellent. This decreases the amount of bugs residing inside the building’s walls and shields the property from fire. I have come across trials carried out where they directly light the cellulose material but it won’t catch fire. Also, I have watched tests where buildings are ignited, next to each other. The property with blown in product was standing for nearly an hour once the other home fell.

Preparing for Cellulose Installation

Thoroughly sweep the work space prior to an insulation crew gets there. Throughout the project installers have to conserve any shaved product that they are able to. When there is debris on the ground, including nails and garbage, the installers cannot keep this shaved insulation. Not only is this inefficient but it also makes the job a whole lot more hard to clean up. Also, stocked drywall needs to be placed at least 24″ away from outside walls. The crews need to have a good sized hose and extra gear right alongside the wall.

From time to time, the teams can tend to be a bit lazy when their workday is finishing and may possibly not do a complete cleaning. If this happens, be firm. Don’t permit insulation debris; it will give newly arriving trades a good reason to leave their own rubbish behind.

Blown Cellulose Insulation – Waterford, Oakland County, Michigan 48329

If you live in Waterford, Oakland County or anywhere in southeast Michigan and would like additional information on our blown cellulose insulation give us a call at 800-771-4231.

Blown Cellulose Insulation – Waterford, Oakland County, Michigan 48329

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